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I've noticed that often, someone'll say something about me, I'll disagree, and it'll turn into a bitching contest.


Our good ol' friend anon posting is enabled, and comments are screened by default...

Give me evidence that something you say about me (or think about me, but refuse to say -- psychoanalysis and ranting about my bitchy tendencies is always welcome!) is actually true. Argue your point and watch me be helpless to defend myself! Oh yes!
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The story of how we were allowed to vandalize a teacher's car, legally... IN PICTURE FORM!Collapse )
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I've finally made a very important decision in my life.

I've decided to drop IB and move to BC to attend one of Canada's best clown schools -- I really need something to push me into a new mode of existence, and this is that chance... and it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance. I hope to be in BC by the end of April. Yes, this means dropping out of IB, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make to become a better person -- hell, more accurately, a different person. I don't like where am I, emotionally, mentally and all, and I need this jolt. More than any of you could imagine.

One of my greatest fears is being average... and I am average. Completely. All I want, really, is success, and although leaving all of you will kill me, it's what I have to do to be who I want to be. I'll only be an excrutiatingly long plane ride away, after all. :P

But jokes aside, it's very important to me. On such a day as this, I hope you all understand where I'm coming from. Look at your calendars and remember everything that has taken place today, all under the name of the first of April.
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Let's start a meme, shall we?

Anonymous posting is enabled. IP logging is off.

What's the one thing you've been scared to tell me? Or that you simply never told me and now you regret?
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Go, impotent stereotypical ninjas, go!
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A collection of art linksCollapse )

I should do this more often, I've barely scratched the surface of my collection.
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For Kathryn, who is tired of popups.Collapse )

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Finally, a not-annoying meme.

1. Shuffle your playlist.
2. Of the first 25 songs that come up, no matter how embarassing, put your favourite lyric on your LJ. Try not to include the title.
3. Open season to your f-list to see who can guess the most songs.
4. Strike the songs off as they are guessed correctly.

Yoinked from Dyb.Collapse )
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Kimothy: The Art Edition!

Hundreds upon hundreds of links. Well, no, not yet. But it WILL be.Collapse )
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I've been deleting a bunch of people over the past two weeks. if you're reading this and can't see any other entry of mine and want to continue reading my lj, tell me, I'll re-add you.

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